BIBLE CLASS 40 | വെളിപ്പാടിലെ സഭകൾ | The Book of Revelations | School of Tyrannus | 2022 ©️®️

During the tribulation, these signs will be necessary because plagues will be put upon the earth, such as serpents being used to kill men, and waters being poisoned. Also, Israel will need to preach to Jews of all languages, so they will need the gift of tongues, like in Acts 2:6. Then, following the tribulation Israel will become a “kingdom of priests” and will go into all the world and teach the Gentiles as commanded in Matthew 28:19. In addition, the entire last section of the Bible (Hebrews-Revelation) has “the last days” the days leading to and including the establishment of the God’s kingdom on earth in view.

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