The character and effectiveness of any Christian organization is directly related to the quality of its leadership. That’s why Scripture stresses the importance of godly overseers and delineates specific standards for evaluating those who would serve in that position. At the Gate Ministries, we are committed to the pattern established in the New Testament, and we thank the Lord for the qualified, blessed men and women who provide pastoral and administrative oversight to our fellowship groups.

The Gate Ministries is affiliated and spiritually supported by the Columbus Bible Church, Ohio, USA. I thank the Lord for such a blessed well-established church for their spiritual/ doctrinal support and guidance.

Founder Trustee & Members

Evg. Thomas George

Founder Trustee/Managing Director of TGM

Pastor David W Reid

Trustee/Main Pastor of CBC

About Evg. Thomas George

Thomas GeorgeThomas George is the Founder Trustee of the Gate Ministries. He is an ordained Evangelist, who is passionate about working in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ and to spread the Gospel of the Grace of God in India. Thomas is a native of Kuzhikala a small village of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala.

Professionally he is an oil & gas engineer with multinational exposure over 30 years in Malaysia/Singapore, United Kingdom and in the Middle East. Presently he is still residing abroad with his family as part of his employment assignment while serving the Lord in his limited capacity. He has been an active member of Pentecostal churches while in England and in the Middle East. He has served the Christian community as Administrator of Pentecostal Churches to the Inter Denominational Christian Churches in Qatar, Middle East from 2016-18 and 2019. Thomas is also pursuing his MA in Theology through online education.

His wife Sheby and their 2 children (Rithu & Ashish) are actively supporting the ministries through TGM. Rithu and Ashish are presently pursuing their degree programs in the UK.

The Gate Ministries is the platform from where Thomas and his family would like to launch their missionary activities. Bible classes through multimedia platforms and Malayalam Christian TV channels are their first phases of activities. The Gate Ministries also has ambitious plans and targets in prayer to proclaim the gospel of GRACE to save hundreds of thousands of people from the bondage of darkness.


Pastor David W. Reid, the Senior Pastor of Columbus Bible Church, and the leadership of Columbus Bible Church are dedicated to spiritually support the work of the Gate Ministries to propagate the Gospel of Grace. 

Columbus Bible Church is a GRACE church, that is committed to proclaiming the gospel of the grace of God that was revealed to the Apostle Paul so that all men may be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth!

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